KC Alano

Are there Dues ?

We welcome all who need us. You can stop in for a cup of coffee and meet newcomers and longtimers doing the same. You can volunteer for desk duty. You can help make the "hall" a warm and inviting place for other alcoholics and visitors. You can freely attend any or all the meetings of KC Group 1 and be an example of the rewards of sobriety. Each of us needs a place to serve and and a place to recover. We all need a place to give and a place to receive.

However, just like in our personal lives, the bills must be paid and therefore money is necessary to operate and maintain an "open" A.A. club. But as Bill W. said, money is only a means to an end and not an end in itself. That a healthy attitude toward money is to see it as a means of service.

Through your own voluntary membership you can help us provide a place for the weary to relax, to recover, in a clean and comfortable facility for the spiritual activities of Alcoholics Anonymous. There is no set amount for dues, but we do ask a minimum of $5 per month. Every contribution, large or small, is important and appreciated.

As a dues paying member of the Society, you also gain a voice in the Society's affairs. You have the opportunity to vote for, or run for, the Society's Board of Directors that is responsible for making the decisions concerning the "business" responsibilities of the club.

If you are not financially able, at the present time, to pay a membership fee we also accept single contributions from Alano members and non-members. From our own experience, we have found that the time will come when many who have found the "Hall" and the helping hand of the fellow alcoholics they find there, of benefit to their sobriety, and will have a greater ability and a greater need to give than to receive.

With just a little effort from each of us in time, money, committment, and enthusiasm, we can reverse the negative effects of resentment, defeatism, and alcoholic thinking which have sometimes blocked us off from the sunlight of the Spirit, and ensure that the "hall" and KC Group 1 will continue to fulfill our primary purpose and carry the message of recovery and hope to the still suffering alcoholic.